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I’ve created a few in the past four months. Five months, strictly, but I didn’t really start blogging in earnest till September when Michelle over at American Resident, then unfettered, both gave me a leg up by mentioning me.

By definition I tend to like the characters I create. Here are some of the ones I really like, though.

Lee Roy Fuckwit, of course, and his momma and daddy, his friends and his ex-girlfriends. I hold him dear to my heart.

Gillian McConnell and Lance Grant from Norfolk Broads. Unpleasant, but hard not to like.

Blain. I like him too. And his kickass partner, the Southern belle Lou. She’s pretty neat.

Vladimir and Laurent. I thought they were funny.

I have a real soft spot for Marc Zimmerframe. He wasn’t around long, but I liked him.

The nameless stoned hummingbird. Made me laugh.

I felt intense sympathy for Uncle Jaze. You lot didn’t like him at all; he sank without trace. Ah well.

And my panoply of psychotic cats. I suppose strictly they aren’t fictional, but I think of them as figments of my imagination. Especially Snotbag, who single handedly destroyed Schrodinger’s Paradox.

I could go on, but I won’t.

I’m glad, and very grateful that in general you like my oddball characters. So ta ever so.