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I think this is simply terrific

Susan Daniels Poetry

This is an old, old poem I am revising, as I believe it still has relevance today.  This does have ***FOUL LANGUAGE***  in it (I use a word in here I have never said–ever, and I don’t read this one in public for the same reason), so if you are squeamish about really nasty words, pass this one over.

I am painting over
words on a brick wall.
Old hate sprayed over cortical ridges
leaches through the best whitewashing;

You can hear the old words
in the pause before the new names
are used:

He says
African American/means (you fill in the blank)
says challenged/means cripple
mouths woman
who is girl, chick, broad,
cunt on the half-shell
in the subtext.

Naming is dangerous:
men whose signs say
wait outside the Y
where Betty Friedan speaks,
throw dyke, witch, murderer stones
at my friend & I
who dare move…

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