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It’s the bloody Daily Mail again


They’re banging on about ‘no calorie noodles,’ which take more energy to eat and digest than they release. Isn’t that clever?

No it isn’t. It’s not clever, and it’s not big, and it certainly isn’t funny. Millions of people in this world die from not having enough calories. They starve to death. I’ll repeat that. Millions of people every year starve to death.

Then some Botoxed, plastic enhanced Skeletor thinks it’s pretty clever to eat things that don’t give her enough energy, so she slims down. Selfish bitch. Just eat less you stupid cow. Then land given over to growing konjac the plant from which these stupid things are made can be given over to growing proper food crops for those who are really hungry. Not having hunger pangs such as you suffer while dieting. Hunger that will kill  them.

This has been a public service announcement.