Any of you still feeling a bit crook, despite the good wishes? Well Miss B, Lee Roy, Mr Fluffy, and I have got together to give to provide some tunes. Music hath charms to soothe the troubled breast, and all that. I’ll let the others introduce their choices.

‘Hello everybody. I can’t tell you how upset I was to learn over the past few days that so many of you weren’t at the top of your form. So here’s something to restore the spirits. I do like music as a pick-me-up.

‘Now I’m sure the boys will be picking something noisy. I’m not sure about Mr Fluffy; I really cannot tell with him. However, I’ve decided on something restful to start your day off quietly. It’s Lara’s Theme from Dr Zhivago. I do hope very much that you enjoy it, and that you are recovering quickly.’

‘Lee Roy here. Sure wouldn’t want that Missie B as my defence attorney, huh? I’d still be in Cottonmouth Crick. Anyways, I got a little ditty for yer. D’yer like that, ditty? Kinda poetic. This here’s a good ol’ Southern chuggalugga boogie band. But this has a real unusual aspect to it. Bout halfways through, kinda picks up a sorta reggie beat. Reggie, that’s that carrribareaean rythmhmm, ain’t that right? So here it is. Little Feat, Rock and Roll Doctor.’

‘Hi. Mr Fluffy here. The early 80s were plagued by multiple minor irritations. Sheena Easton. Spandau Ballet. Curiosity Killed the Cat. But there were a few beacons of light in the roiling darkness. Here’s one of them. It’s the Thompson Twins with a song called Doctor Doctor. It’s quite gentle as befits music for convalescents. I know it’s a bit soppy, but I really like this.’

‘The Thompson Twins?  and Lee Roy calls me Fagboy! Hellfire Fluffy, don’t you remember Alannah Currie’s asymmetric barnet? You big girl’s blouse. Let’s finish off with something to get the heart pounding and the blood racing. Let’s give it up for Dr Feelgood, and Down To the Doctors.’