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Just a quick post today, since nobodyreadsme at the weekend

I’ve been set a challenge. One of my favourite bloggers, Cindy Knoke, dropped me a comment about how I sometimes use words or expressions that leave her a bit bewildered. This disturbed me. I try to hone my language, use the nuances of English, to be precise in my writing, to write with finesse and, dare I say it, delicatesse. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

The challenge is this. To create a glossary of English words and phrases that you don’t find outside of Britain. That’s what I said I’d do. Cindy then hit on a masterstroke. Run it as a quiz, with multiple choice answers. What a clever Cindy she is.

I need a little bit of time to piece this together, but here’s your starter for 10. It’s a word that’s in common usage where I was born.


Is it?

  1. A tool used in the cotton spinning industry
  2. Part of a Masonic ritual
  3. The price of a half pint of beer

Have a nice weekend.

PS Alastair has been rather badly behaved in the Comments section. You may want to avoid them if you are of a nervous disposition