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Eau de vie. Any brandy-like drink not made from fermented grapes. Some are lovely, some taste as if they’re made from chairlegs. All will get you drunk rather quickly, and those derived from chairlegs will give you the mother and father of a hangover.

Eccles cakes. A Lancashire speciality, approx 5,000,000 calories per cake.

Echidnas. Strictly these monotremes aren’t edible, but their eggs are.

Echinoderms. This is the posh word for sea urchins. They’re a delicacy in some parts of the world. Well good luck with them is all I can say.


Edam cheese

Edible frogs. I’ve had frogs’ legs. They’re OK, and like all strange meats taste a bit like chicken. So they’re like the smallest drumsticks in the world.

Eels, jellied. These are the food of the devil, absolutely vile. Like fishy snot with bones in it. However, smoked eel is sublimely good.

Eggnog. Horrid but unhealthy

Eggs Benedict

Eisberg. Non-alcoholic wine that tastes just as awful as it sounds.

Elasmobranchs. Yuck! Not really. Skate is a lovely fish, shark is delicious, and dogfish is sold in the UK as rock salmon.

Elder. You may not have heard of this largely northern delicacy. It’s a bit like tripe, but is the lining of a cow’s udder instead of the stomach. It’s horribly bland, just like tripe, and the texture is well iffy, like boiled knitting. It’s rather good for you, unfortunately, which defeats the object of the diet.

Elk. You’ll have to shoot it first of course, so may be off the menu when it’s not hunting season.

Emmenthal cheese

Emu. I’ve had ostrich, so this is just the antipodean version I imagine.

PS Alastair has asked me to point out the E’s are good