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I hope you filled your boots during week F, because I’m afraid that in week G you don’t get much chance to tackle substantial foodstuffs at all. It’s like a week at a rather hectic drinks party with no food other than nibbly bits.

Garlic bread. Peter Kay would approve.


Gelati. Your host may run to posh ice cream, if you’re lucky.

Gin. Handy for making gimlets. Raymond Chandler recommends that a gimlet should consist of half gin, half Rose’s Lime Juice, and nothing else. That makes it one of your five a day then.

Glayvar. Extremely toxic liqueur whisky.

Glűhwein. Good for getting pissed off piste.

Goat’s cheese



Grand Marnier

Grapes. Nice with the cheese.

Green olives. With the cheese, or in with the gin. Whatever’s best for you.

Grolsch lager

Groundnuts. Posh word for peanuts.


Guacamole. With which you might like some game chips.

Grouse. Not the gamebird, the Scotch whisky.

Of course, it may be you’d like something with a bit more presence. Some gazpacho, perhaps? With some Graham crackers crumbled in, that will take away the hunger pangs. Maybe you can persuade the host to rustle up some grits’n’gravy. If you’re lucky, there may even be a Ginster’s pasty or slice in the Ambassador’s fridge somewhere. Mmmmmmm.

And for the children, there may be some gummy bears or worms.