Kellogg’s anything

Ketchup. How do you live without it?

Kettle Chips

Key Lime Pie. Kev again.

Kidneys. I like offal, or ‘guts’ as Midwest farmers call them. I really like kidneys.

King crab. Used to be called spider crabs. Marketing again.

King prawns. Known as ‘shrimp’ in the USA I think.

Kingfisher beer. Indian lager. Fabulous. On the bottles it says ‘Not less than 5% alcohol.’ Says a lot about quality control there, eh?


Kir Royale. Champagne and blackberry liqueur. A good pick me up after a long day on the sauce.

Kirin beer

Kirsch. Now you are talking. Cherry brandy. Christmas morning, frosty walk to see the neighbours. Magic.

KitKat. The only chocolate I eat. Once every two years or so,.

Knickerbocker Glory

Knockwurst. It’s a sausage, OK? Sausages rock.

Kola Kubes. One of Kev’s. Cheers mate.

Kraft Foods anything

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Kudu. This is an Indonesian dish made with cabbage, a stack of garlic, and a white sauce. Only ever ate it once. I can still taste it. It had so much garlic in I may still smell of it.

Kugeltopf. Some sort of cake. Never had it.

Kummel. Bloody awful brandy flavoured with caraway and cumin. As bad as it sounds, but it is allowed.

Note. Best to avoid ‘kummerspeck.’ This is a German term, literally ‘grief bacon,’ for weight gain brought on my comfort eating during stressful times.