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Rabbit. Delicious and very good for you, since it’s virtually fat free. Which defeats the point of the diet really, but it’s permitted.

Rack of lamb. Now you’re talking. Perfect.

Raclette. Swiss speciality, a sort of cheese fondue on a plate. Melted cheese with dried ham, boiled firm potatoes, and pickled gherkins and onions. Halitosis like a flamethrower, and a heart attack on a plate as well. Bargain. And very very delicious. Raclette is also a sort of cheese used to make raclette, though confusingly the dish can be made with other non-raclette cheeses.

Ragout. Any sort of ragout, heavyish meat sauce or stew with tomatoes and lots of other bits and pieces.

Ramen noodles. Again, maybe a bit healthy.

Ravioli. Pasta. Yippee! Yes please, keep it coming till I burst.

Reese’s peanut butter confections. The thought of them makes me feel ill, but this entry is in deference to my American readers.

Remoulade. Absolutely delicious, and very bad for you indeed. Even worse if it’s made not with mayonnaise, but the proper way with aioli as the base.

Retsina. Just say no. Horrid. Will give you a shocking hangover if you’re prone to such things, and make your mouth taste as if you’ve been licking the furniture. It’s allowed but not recommended.

Rhubarb and custard. Can mean either the stewed stalks of the rhizomatous herbaceous perennial of the family Polygonaceae served with cooked milk/cream and egg yolk, or the hard boiled sweets of that name.

Ribeye steak

Rice pudding. One of the few sweet things I might tackle. With lots of cream.

Rigatoni. More pasta. Yippee!


Roast potatoes. Be generous with the oil/butter/goose fat when you make these. And salt. Maybe a hint of garlic too? Up to you. Just heavy on the lipids.

Rock salmon. Posh name for dogfish. I like it, and in the UK you will only ever find it deep fried in batter from a fish and chip shop.

Rojak. Malaysian/Singaporean dish of fresh fruit (with or without the addition of beansprouts and/or fried squid fritters) dressed with a mixture of water, sugar, lime juice, chilli, and shrimp paste. It sound’s like a marriage made in hell, and tastes like the food of the gods. Can also be made with peanut and chilli sauce, like a satay sauce. If you want to cheat, then here’s a good starting point. http://wp.me/P2N0x5-5l

Rolos. Would you give away your last one? I would, but you know me and choccie/sweeties.


Rosti. Soaks up a lot of fat during the cooking. Yummy.

Rowntree’s. Anything at all from their extensive line of confectionery.

Rum baba. Calories on a plate. Not for me, but I can see why others might like it.

Rum’n’raisin ice cream. Sounds vile to me, but I’m odd.

And as for drinks.

Raki. Turkish equivalent of ouzo, and to be avoided if you value your sanity. Also a Sri Lankan spirit made from bananas. Also to be avoided, but it is allowed.

Red Bull. I quite like this, or better still the own brand generics that do the same job for a fifth of the price.

Red wine. Bit generic.

Ribena. Looks well healthy on the face of it, until you read the label. Crammed with sugar, so a well earned place in the Alphabet Diet.

Ricard. Poor man’s Pernod, and just as toxic.

Riesling. Safe but rather dull German wine.

Rioja. Splendiferous. Top hole.

RolaCola. The first and the worst of the UK’s attempts to mimic the two big cola brands. Hideous.

Root beer. I made some of this once from some sassafras a friend gave me. It was rather good.

Rum daiquiri. You can have these without sugar. In Cuba, that’s exactly what I did. And they were delicious. The ones in the old DuPont house were sublime.