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This is not as bleak a week as you might fear. Fill your boots though. Z looks bad unless you really like zucchini. Which is hard for the Brits, since over here they’re courgettes…

Yaba. I can’t recommend this, as it’s a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine, popular in Thailand. It’s not very good for you, obviously, but it will stop you getting hungry in the first place.

Yabby. A freshwater crayfish from Australia. It was once widely eaten, but it’s endangered now, so you can eat it but shouldn’t.

Yakult. A sort of liquid cross trainer for your bowels if you believe the blurb, which I don’t.


Yang chow lion’s head. Chinese meatballs served on a bed of Chinese leaf to resemble a lion’s head.

Yard of ale

Yarg. This is a semi-hard Cornish cheese made from cows’ milk, and it’s wrapped in nettle leaves before it’s left to mature. You get a mouldy but delicious rind forming with the nettles. Good stuff.

Yazoo. A brand of ready made milkshake. I’m not sure about the name at all. Is it just me, or does it sound vaguely toilet humour?

Yeast extract. Marmite yes, Vegemite, no.

Yellow Chartreuse. On your own head be it.

Yerplits. I’m indebted to my mate Kev Cornwell for this little gem. Apparently it’s a dessert served in some southern US diners, especially Mississippi. It’s made from frogs. I may be forced to try that next time I get to the southern US, but in the meantime do give it a go and tell me what it’s like. Mississippi eh? Crazy spelling, crazy guys.

Yolks. There must be bloody hundreds of these going spare, what with the lettuce-muncher  brigades occasionally going wild and having an omelette. Made with the white only. Good grief.

York ham

Yorkie bars

Yorkshire pudding. Either with a roast dinner, or just with onion gravy, or as they were originally eaten with jam as a true pudding.

Yogurt. If you’re hungry it may fill a gap, I guess. So will Yoplat products.

Young’s anything. A spectacular array of frozen and preserved seafood awaits you, a veritable cornucopia of all things fishy. They even do fish and chips you do in the oven. You won’t starve.

Young’s beers. South London brewers of distinction.

Younger’s Tartan. This was popular when I was at university because it was cheap, and it was cheap with good reason. Recently re-launched, apparently successfully. I despair.

YoYos. Not sure if these are still made, but they were two layers of biscuit sandwiching fondant cream flavoured with mint, and the whole thing covered in chocolate. Very distinctive green foil wrapping.

Yquem champagne