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Yes, folks, the Alphabet Diet is nearly at a close. But don’t despair, Aimee in Walton. There will be a Corrections and Amendments post shortly. And in the New Year, the Alphabet Detox Diet will be coming to a living room near you. But in the meanwhile, a bit of a lean week with Z.


Zabaglione. Egg yolks, sugar, and marsala wine all whizzed up together. Bit rich for a staple diet, but it will fill a gap.

ZamZam Cola. A big favourite in Iran, so I’m told by my mate Kev.

Zebra. I don’t know if they do eat it, but no real reason you shouldn’t. It’s only a horse in pyjamas after all.

Zeo. This is a newish soft drink that claims to be made from fruit and natural plant extracts, though how you can claim any extract is natural is a bit beyond me. Looks a bit like Purdey’s.

Zinfandel. At least you can get pissed.

Ziti. All is not lost! Pasta! Yay!

Zubes. Throat sweets. ‘Zubes are good for your tubes.’ Not very satisfying though.


Zuppa di polmone. Italian soup made from lungs. You’ll get hungry enough to try this, and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

Zweiback. German sort of melba toast. Bland or what? But it will stop your tummy feeling empty.

Zwieck. Pronounced ‘zweek.’ Polish beer. So I’m told. A couple of those then you can get stuck into the Zinfandel.