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Sorry I’m a bit late on parade this morning, but I forgot to schedule a post yesterday. This was very good news as it happens, because it gave me a cast iron excuse to have another pop at the Daily Express. And as you al know, I don’t need much prompting to do that.

The pernicious rag has taken a day off from dire weather warnings (’Storms to rage for the next month’ is a typical recent headline) to give out yet more disinformation about the latest health findings. Not a scare this time, but Good News! ‘Yoghurt is key to beating diabetes,’ screams today’s headline. ‘Just one pot a day slashes risk of disease.’

Well that’s a heartwarming start to the day for all you lactophiles, yes? Let’s read a little  further. We get the inevitable ‘scientists have discovered’ opening line, but let’s ignore that. Apparently just one pot of yoghurt a day reduces the risk of type II diabetes by a thumping 29%. Good news indeed. It gets better. Other low fat fermented milk products, including fromage frais and cottage cheese (and I imagine the no longer fashionable quark) reduce the risk by a not inconsiderable 24%. Wahay!

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Eat yoghurt and fromage frais/cottage cheese/quark (possibly) every day, and you reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 53%! Break out the champagne. Yeah do that, because you can forget all about restricting alcohol intake and not eating refined sugars. No need to become a martyr. Just give the yogurt a clattering, and Hey Presto! All will be well.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what the ‘scientists’ said. The results were from a study carried out by the very highly respected MRC Epidemiology Centre at Cambridge University, so they know what they’re doing. And they’re also, I absolutely guarantee, not making such bold claims. But of course the Express isn’t too bothered about accuracy. They just want to sell newspapers.