Tackle him/her head on. Face up.

Now I know I have arrived. I’m being trolled. Somebody really dislikes me. I’m apparently a talentless arriviste. A nobody. That is what, who, I am. A nobody.

As a nobody, I am apparently required, by this troll, to shut the fuck up and get back in my box. Take all the shit this troll dishes out, sit back, take it on the chin, say ‘Yeah. You’re right. I’m talentless, a wastrel, a squandering of the earth’s resources. I have no right to exist.’

OK, maybe that’s right. Maybe I am a talentless worthless nobody. Mr or Mrs Troll, you may be correct. But listen up Shitforbrains. My friends, my colleagues, my associates? They are not talentless nobodies. They are hard working, skilled, passionate, people who can love and hate. They understand at least some of the everyday measures of being human. Confusion, uncertainty, both  of those. But do you know what makes them better than you, by a country mile? Every one, every single one, has the gift of humility, the ability to examine themselves, take a good long hard look, and go ‘Hey. I ain’t sure about this.’

You? You will always lack insight, always be frustrated by a lack of knowledge, and always somebody I pity. That is going to really gall you. Good. That pleases me. That you will always feel second best. Because you are.