Thanks to everybody who took the time and effort to comment on the original post. You were all very supportive, and seemed as annoyed as I was.

Several of you mentioned you’d never been trolled. Good luck with that, because at some point it’s almost sure to happen. I hope you don’t end up as one of my correspondents did and be forced to move house. I think that is genuinely creepy, when some nutjob just keeps pursuing you for no apparent reason. I have to say that Saturday’s fiasco didn’t feak me out, but it sure as hell made me very cross indeed. I’m reasonably certain it wasn’t anybody I know, though you can never really tell can you with anonymous email accounts, and Twitter, FB, and WP accounts held under false names. I’m not in a position to criticise here. I couldn’t tell you how may email accounts I have, but I know at least five of them are completely fictitious.

One of you held out the happy thought that with a small blog with only a handful of followers you’d be immune to the problem. Well, don’t be too sure. Way back in October 2012, when I had about 20 followers or so, I got flamed by the Gay Niggers Association of America. This is a group of blackhats who have, for reasons known only to themselves, decided that blogging is the work of the devil or something equally ludicrous. In response to a perfectly innocuous post about cats, I ended up with over 140 Comments, all of which didn’t make it through my spam filter and ended up in my Spam box. Unfortunately the traffic was such that all my legitimate comments ended up in the Trash. It took me a while to sort that little lot out I can tell you.

I have to admit I don’t see the point of trolling, but that may be becasue I’m intelligent, articulate, and understand the rudiments of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I also have a life and, as was shown agreeably over the weekend, friends.

If you spend any time hanging about online with writers, you’ll know that a lot of them get terribly upset by bad reviews, or mean-spirited comments. A bad review is something I don’t understand either. If you don’t like something, there’s not much point in slagging it off, is there? You’ve already wasted part of your valuable lifetime reading something you don’t like. Why waste even more by writing a scathing attack?

I wasn’t too bothered by the attack on me. My shoulders are braod, and I reckon with about 30,000 reads on Wattpad and ReadWave I must be getting something right. But attacks on my friends, who couldn’t defend themselves, and indeed shouldn’t be put in a position where that’s necessary, that was different. That was personal.