I neglected to mention something in my earlier post about the astonishingly talented driver Sabine Schmidt heaving a diesel Transit around the Nurburgring.

The Transit has the aerodynamics of a housebrick, so the producers sent a pace car out to make a bit of a hole in the air to speed things up slightly. They, in their wisdom, decided to use something that would really intimidate the other traffic and get it out of the way, giving Sabine a clear run at things.

They came up with the idea of using a Dodge Viper, an utterly inspired choice. This is one of the most savage roadcars ever built. Even in the maddest days of the 60s Detroit musclecars, nobody would have had the cojones to invent this one. It has a whopping 8.4 litre V10 engine borrowed from a truck. It’s like a Chevrolet Corvette on steroids, and cranked up on angel dust. The Viper is  the scariest car on earth. Even the Top Gear staffers are fearful of it, and they have driven some pretty rowdy cars in their time. No other performance car fights back as viciously as a Viper. It really is a handful. A jet-powered pig on rollerskates. It sure scared the other traffic into moving over in terror at the bellowing behemoth in the mirrors.

Then Sabine came up behind it in a garden shed with 123 diesel powered bhp, screaming into the two way radio ‘Go! Go! Go! Go! Get on with it!

My heart was in my mouth. Fabulous viewing