This is odd but true. I happened to be in my local watering hole yesterday. I took a sip of my pint, a bit absentmindedly as I was reading the newspaper at the time.

Something tickled my nose, but I thought nothing of it. I have quite a lot of sensory tics including, a bit worryingly, olfactory ones. I often smell cauliflower. I’m reliably informed that believing you can smell toast is a precursor to a heart attack. Not great news, nor is the fact that many people with brain tumours suffer from olfactory hallucinations. But whatever…

I returned to reading, and a couple of minutes later picked up my drink, again without looking, took another sip, had the tickly nose thing again. This was a bit annoying, and I had a closer look at my glass.

Bugger me if a a spider hadn’t started building a web across the top of my pint glass. Talk about opportunism.

Anyway I have committed myself to drinking faster to solve the problem