I’d been off Facebook for a while, and was punting about following stuff up on Saturday. I fetched up on a thread by a Friend, there was a comment I disagreed with, and I responded. As ever, I was polite, rational, respectful, and not in any way abusive. I simply did not share the commenter’s opinion, and told her so.

She went off like a rocketing pheasant. You’d have thought I had accused her of murdering her first born. I was a sexist pig, a woman hater, I should be locked up and castrated, pretty much.

I felt she was over reacting, and rationally restated my argument. World War III broke out. Then, just to put the icing on the cake, the host of the thread broke in and threatened to block me if I didn’t back off. She alleged I was deliberately making trouble. Having a different opinion is now deliberately making trouble? A crime worthy of being blocked?

Hellfire, if I blocked everybody who disagreed with me I’d have a presence of zero. Unless posts are openly offensive, I leave them up so others can make up their own minds. And I will always concede if I’m wrong.

That’s not enough, apparently. A simple disagreement is now enough to get you abused, insulted, and blocked. The moral here is do not disagree with ANYBODY, because it’s bad manners.

If you want a good scrap, though, I can recommend an FB group Politics vs Reality. We fight like cats and dogs over there. Great fun. Then we log off and don’t lose any sleep over it. We act like grownups.