I read a report of somebody having her Instagram account being suspended. Her crime? She posted a photo of her toddler daughter raising her dress to show off her navel.

It was typical toddler behaviour you can see in very many social situations. It’s what toddlers do, for some reason. Instagram jumped on it  for no reason at all.

No reason, I hear you say? Well, yes, no reason. Because if you watch any television at all , you will see images that might be deemed ‘inappropriate.’ I have seen advertisements recently for products ranging from holidays, to banking, to wood stain, using images of children. All on mainstream television. That’s OK, apparently.

The worst offenders, if that’s the phrase, are babyfood products and nappy/diaper manufacturers. They show semi-naked children all the time, and in the case of the nappy companies focus lingeringly on the children’s nether regions.

This is just wrong.

You can’t have it both ways. Lobby for the television channels to ban child images. That seems fair, if it’s OK for Instagram to block those selfsame images.

I need to make myself clear here. I know a man arrested and jailed for child pornography. I didn’t know this when I met him, and as soon as I found out I cut him off. He disgusts me.

But an image of a child doing what children do since time immemorial gets you banned on Instagram? How does that work?