Odd one this. There’s a certain amount of disquiet in feminist circles that Amal Alamuddin has chosen, on marrying, to take the surname of her husband, one Mr George Clooney. For some reason this is seen as some form of betrayal of the sisters. I don’t see this.

She is a hugely talented human rights lawyer, fighting indefatiguably against injustice. Takes no crap, and takes no prisoners. I would not like to come up against her in court. I’d concede, drop the case, have plastic surgery, change my name, and flee to somewhere distant. But somehow this outstanding talent has ‘sold out’ by changing her name. I could see how her simply getting married might make a few hackles rise, much as I disagree with that view. What the critics seem to ignore is that she has chosen to change her name, just as she chose to get married.

So now she’s Mrs Clooney. Big deal. Before she was Ms Alamuddin. That’s her dad’s name. I just do not see the argument here. She is not subjugating herself to a patriarchal dictatorship. She’s chosen to announce to the world that she’s proud to be married, proud to hitch her wagon to her man. She likes it. And if she likes it, so should everybody else.