This had to be thought up by a couple of lads out on the lash. It’s a device called a ‘Rollie,’ and is one of the silliest things I’ve seen in ages.

I rather like kitchen gadgets, even though most of them end up in a drawer or cupboard. You use them a couple of times, get bored, and go back to the old ways of the Luddite. How many people have actually used a sandwich toaster after the first thrilling week of ownership? They quickly lose their heady appeal, as evidenced by the fact that  at the average carboot sale you can’t move for the bloody things.

The Rollie appears to be doomed to the same fate, though with a lot fewer sales. What it enables you to make is an omelette on a stick. I have to say this is not a concept that strikes me as useful, though it is innovative. What you have is a circular tube, a bit like a much narrower slow cooker. You heat it up, beat a couple of eggs, and pour them in. About halfway through cooking, as the eggs are setting, you shove a skewer down the middle, wait until the eggs are fully cooked, and Voila! Omelette on a stick, apparently ‘an ideal healthy food for on the go.’ Hmmm. I doubt that.

For one thing, there’s the cooking time. Rollie claim six to eight minutes, but some video bloggers have recorded times of over nine minutes. I think they need to get out in the fresh air a bit more, because with that degree of screen obsession they’re never going to need food on the go, are they? Even six minutes, the very bottom of the timing range, is a lot longer than it takes to knock up an omelette the Luddite way, in a frying pan on the cooker. If it’s portability you’re after, roll the omelette in a tortilla or flatbread, wrap it up (just as you might do a Rollie), and you’ve got a pretty substantial snack. It also means you can have say tomatoes, or cheese, or ham in it, which ingredients in a Rollie will all sink to the bottom.

Just like a sandwich toaster, the Rollie can’t be put in the dishwasher. As it happens, you should never wash your omelette pan, which in an ideal world is a dedicated utensil used for omelettes alone, but it’s a piece of cake to clean with kitchen towel.

The branding is a bit unfortunate too. In the UK, a rollie is a handmade cigarette such as you may see being smoked by a shifty looking cove down on the rails at the dog track.

I can’t see these catching on.