This is a collection of stuff that still disturbs me


I was browsing my statistics the other day, and found I’m now getting a lot of referrals via search engines. This is good news, since it means all my hard work is paying off. But the search terms that find me puzzle me at two levels. Firstly, the terms themselves are often bizarre in the extreme. Secondly, with many of them I have no idea what post they ended up landing on. Some examples are below. I may have to pursue this further to be frank. It’s really good fun.

Please note the numbering is not an accurate reflection of the position in the league tables, but simply indicate the order in which these terms cropped up. There are many more between them, but I understand those, or don’t find them funny.

  1. I saw a flower Since this is the subject of my most read post, about rendering ‘I saw…

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