Some may find the content here a bit distasteful. Don’t read it, which is always my advice to people I annoy online.

When I first read this story, I assumed it was a windup. Alas no. It comes from one of the more respectable papers in the UK.

A leading gynaecologist, one Gedis Grudzinskas, has suggested in all seriousness that women who are menstruating should be allowed time off work if they feel under the weather. This would not count towards their annual allowance of sick leave. It would be an extra allowance, up to three days a month.  Apparently this Harley Street specialist feels Britain is behind the times, since menstrual leave is already legal in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan, with Canada considering it.

I’m a bloke, so I cannot fully comprehend the monthly misery. I do know how sodding stroppy women can become, and on at least two occasions have had a near death experience from a hormonally enraged woman. But to legitimise the time off? It’s not an illness. It’s inconvenient, and yes your hormones may be all over the place, but you’re not ill when you have a period. It’s what happens, however unpleasant it is for you, and no matter how rubbish it makes you feel.

I straw polled women of my acquaintance, and every single one said, ‘Bollocks. Just get on with things.’

I feel it’s condescending in the extreme. It’s also sexist in the extreme. Imagine a bloke saying, ‘I need some time off because my testosterone levels are dropping, and I need to go and ride a motorbike for a few weeks to stave off my midlife crisis.’ I can imagine how women would react to that as an idea.