This is an oldie but goody. Good ol’ boy Lee Roy Fuckwit doing his best to create some Christmas cheer.


This morning I found a puddle of goo by the desk, and this on my laptop. It’s from Lee Roy.


Howdy all, this here’s Lee Roy. Seein as how all you good people have been mighty kind to me, readin bout me an all, I’m gonna give yer an early Christmas present. Tain’t a haiku. It’s a Christmas song to get y’all in the mood.

Tain’t really a song neither. More kinda hiphop/crap. Ya know, like that M&M does. So I’ve called it Lee Roy’s Christmas Rapping. Kinda clever.

I even thought to put in some music for yer. Just catch the rythymhm –never could spell- and have yourselves a real good singalong.

Fagboy tells me this is what he calls doggerel. I think it’s purty good too, but y’all have to listen to the music and singalong. Lemme hear ya singin, now.

For Christmas I’m goin home

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