I’m sure you’ve noticed that pretty much every day of the year is now dedicated to some benighted cause. Tuesday of this week was Penguin Awareness Day, while Wednesday was Squirrel Appreciation Day. Both of those passed me by. There are some real corkers coming up that the weak-minded may find a cause for rejoicing.

It’s unlikely that February 1st will have many takers in the US or northern Europe, since it’s in the middle of winter, and hence Working Naked Day is not too attractive as a prospect, is it? It’s not attractive as a prospect anyway, but freezing conditions and the danger of frostbite in the nether regions may deter revellers.

I’m not sure if International Waffle Day (March 25th) is about the comestible or about celebrating talking nonsense. If the latter, then my local should be on the case. Every day is Waffle Day in there.

One day that will strike a chord is May 9th. This is Lost Sock Memorial Day. We all can identify with that sentiment can’t we? I can also see the appeal of Handkerchief Monster Day. I reckon that might have a few takers too. How many handkerchiefs have you bought in your life, and how many do you actually possess today? There’s a black hole somewhere in the average washing machine.

I might have a go at World Sauntering Day on June 19th. That’s my kind of sporting activity. Not sure if I’ll bother with July 1st’s Cow Appreciation Day. I hardly drink milk, and can’t remember the last time I ate beef. I guess I should pay some attention, since I do wear leather shoes, but to be honest my heart wouldn’t be in it. Similarly, I’m a dexter not a sinister, so feel little excitement about August 13th being International Left-handers Day. However I might be able to work up some enthusiasm on September 19th when it is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. It’s marked on the calendar in my local. Mind you when it gets a bit late in the evening, most people are talking what sounds a bit like Esperanto anyway.

PS I made up Handkerchief Monster Day. I regret to say the rest are real true events. People need to get out a bit more.