It’s been a bad week for public figures. Firstly, half the leaders of the ‘free’ world had to ship themselves off to Saudi Arabia to heap praise on the head of the dead despot king. Cameron was there, which speaks volumes for his integrity. Even Her Majesty referred to the vicious old bastard as being a ‘moderniser.’ She seemed to have forgotten that women are still not allowed to drive in Saudi, and are not allowed out of the house without a male chaperone. It would be quite good also if bloggers who dare to criticise the regime weren’t sentenced to ten years in jail and 1000 lashes.

As I’m sure you have also concluded, all the fawning was a direct result of Saudi having massive oil reserves. If it was the world’s leading exporter of turnips, everybody would have stayed at home .

At least the Saudi debacle, tasteless as it was, was explicable. The re-enactment of Churchill’s funeral on Friday was not. Exactly why did the taxpayers of the UK fork out a stack of cash to commemorate something that happened 50 years ago? Churchill was a cunning and able politician, and no doubt his maverick skills helped Britain during the darkest hours of the war, but re-enacting his funeral? Bloody hell even monarchs don’t get that treatment.

Good to see Cameron laying a wreath and piously bowing his head in Westminster Abbey, because I suspect he was thinking ‘I could be next,’ since immediately after the war we showed our deep admiration of Churchill by kicking him out. Cameron has an election on the way, and he’s very far from a shoo-in.

There’s also the question of why he and his various odious cronies were laying wreaths, as opposed to being in the Commons and doing what we pay them for, which is governing the country. I hope he was taking part of his annual leave for the occasion.