Let’s hear it for Dr Vesna Roi! Come on down Vesna!

This woman is a paediatrician in Roseville, Michigan, but behaves like someone from the Westboro Baptist Church. She’s a disgrace to what she calls her Christian beliefs.

Here’s the setup. A married couple with a four month old daughter selected Dr Roi to be the paediatrician to care for their newborn, Hazel Park. Then she backed out of the deal because the parents were both women, Jami and Krista Contreras. She said that after ‘much prayer’ her religious beliefs stood in the way, and she couldn’t in all conscience treat the child of a lesbian couple. What is she babbling about?

Firstly, the child is completely blameless. How can a four month old be held to account for its parents? This is not based on religious belief but on bigotry. My GP is a devout Christian but doesn’t refuse to treat me because I’m an atheist. What sort of  religion can she possibly imagine allows her to punish a child for something she hasn’t done? I know there’s a precedent in the Bible for sins of the fathers being visited upon the sons, but I always hated that as a concept, and I hate this woman’s intolerance and hatred even more.

I have to admit I’m old fashioned enough to be a bit uneasy about same sex couples having or adopting children, but I can’t see any real reason to stop them. I can think of several heterosexual couples who make me uneasy too. I rather imagine that same sex couples love their children as much as heterosexuals, maybe even more because they sure as hell have had to get by a few obstacles on the way. And it’s all legal and above board, so that’s that, isn’t it?

I thought it was illegal to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. This shameless harpy isn’t even discriminating against the couple, which would be bad enough. Her venom and bile are aimed at the child. I wonder if, should she be injured in an accident, Dr Roi would refuse to be treated by a gay doctor? If she wouldn’t refuse she’s not only a bigot but a hypocrite. What a disgrace to her profession and her religion she is, what a pathetic human being. A plague on all her houses.