This is now not anywhere as easy as it once was, due to a recent ruling in the Court of Appeal. One Tracey Wright is divorced from her husband, who happens to be a very famous equine surgeon who specialises in racehorses and therefore has a few bob. During the divorce, she was awarded custody of the couple’s two daughters, a house worth £425,000, with the property including stabling for the children’s ponies, and an annual payment of just over £72,000. Quite a chunk of this was for maintenance and school fees for the children, but about £33,00 was for Ms Wright’s personal use. I could get by on that.

Mr Wright is approaching 60, and was rightly a bit worried that when he retired he might not be able to afford the payments, and asked for a legal ruling that he could reduce the amount over a five year period. This was granted in the High Court, but the wife took exception to the decision, and took the case to appeal. The appeal judge quite rightly ruled in favour of the ex-husband, and effectively told Mrs Wright to get off her fat arse and find a job. Mrs Wright had claimed during the proceedings that she couldn’t get a job as anything but a cleaner. Further she needed to be at home to look after her children, especially if they were ill. Bit of a porky pie that one, since daughter No1 is at boarding school, and daughter No2 I s approaching the age where she’ll probably be bundled off too.

The judge was having none of it. It was  reasonably pointed out that Mrs Wright is a qualified legal secretary and used to teach horse riding. It was also drawn to the plaintiff’s attention that in the six years since the divorce she had simply refused to even try to find gainful employment. The days of lifelong dependency were gone, so stop whingeing and get on with it.

I don’t know how this woman had the sheer gall to appeal. Firstly I can see no reason why she feels justified in sponging off him for the rest of her life. It’s fair that he should maintain the children till they reach the age of majority, bit Mrs Wright is divorced, so clearly doesn’t like him any longer, yet still expects him to keep forking out for her. If the daughters get wind of this, I rather imagine they’ll feel shame rather than high regard for her stance.

No man on earth would be awarded lifelong maintenance from his ex, even if she was loaded.. He wouldn’t get it, and he probably wouldn’t even ask for it. Mr Wright got her just deserts, and it made me chuckle.