The Bookseller magazine has just released a shortlist for the Oddest Book Title of the Year. Some of the gems are here. As my friend Kevin said, the long winter evenings will simply fly past.

Advanced Pavement Research This is my hot favourite. It’s a genuine collection of peer reviewed papers from a pavement symposium. That must have been an exciting few days. I bet they were dancing in the streets, boom boom.

Nature’s Nether Regions Exactly why anybody would choose to write a history of the evolution of genitalia is beyond me. As Kevin again said, it’s there or it’s tucked in.

The Madwoman in the Volvo; My Year of Raging Hormones This is apparently a moving tale of one woman’s battle with the menopause. Difficult to know where to start with this, since all Volvo drivers, female and male, drive as if they just escaped from a secure detention facility. They’re second only to Mercedes drivers in the psycho stakes.

Divorcing a Real Witch: for Pagans and the People That Used to Love Them This self help book is unlikely to become a best seller, if we’re honest. Its target audience is people whose spouses have gone over to the dark side and been seduced by the occult.

The Ugly wife is a Treasure at Home Bit of an odd one, but might have some mass appeal simply because of the title. The buyers may be disappointed though, since it’s a study of the revolution and sexual freedom in Mao’s China.

I’d like to have seen my current favourite make it to the shortlist. How to Understand 10 Spiritual Things You Can Learn From Your Cat surely deserves a place in the pantheon.