This is a difficult concept to grasp, I’ll admit it. However, on Sunday WordPress was simply bloody pig headed. I suspect that as usual some geek was ‘upgrading’ something, which as far as I’m concerned is a way of admitting he or she got it wrong in the first place. That’s how I feel when Microsoft tell me there are several important updates. I tend not to bother with them, since when I try to download and install them the cache doesn’t have the capacity to hold all the data.

Back to WordPress. I usually don’t go online on Sundays, but I knew that on Monday I had an early morning appointment and might therefore be a bit late on parade for all my loyal fans. The obvious solution was to write a post and schedule it for my normal kickoff time of 9:00 AM. Because the WordPress interface is so hopeless, I usually work in Word and do a copy and paste. I’m sure you’ve all done this when reduced to babbling incoherence by the idiosyncrasies of the infernal program. This I duly did.

First thing was that when I pasted, WordPress kindly buggered up all my formatting, and words in italics were simply ignored leaving blanks all over the place. When I typed them back in and tried to italicise them, again the text disappeared. All the document had to be in Roman font. Booooorinnnnng. Then I tried to schedule the post. This took so long it had gone dark outside, then it hung. When in doubt, start again, yes? No. WordPress swore blind it was scheduled, but it didn’t show up in the Blog Posts section on my Dashboard. I started again, but this time it refused my instructions to schedule, and posted immediately.

Which it may claim to have done, but I couldn’t find hide nor hair of it when I went to my blog. Nor had the new version appeared in the Blog Posts section. I checked again on Monday morning, and although the post was not to be seen I’d had a Like for it.

Net result was I had to publish yet again yesterday. Blimey all riley. What a palaver. Bring back smoke signals.