I see that the sysops at Facebook are in a bit of a tizzy again. Their new rulebook gives guidance on what you can and cannot post. Here’s the oddity, though of course the Thought Police on FB are wildly eccentric at the best of times. They’re banning images of buttocks. And genitals. And nipples. Some nudity will be allowed for artistic purposes, but hard to imagine how that can work if you can’t actually show anything.

It’s going to be pretty interesting to see how this works. If you want to use a Botticelli nude as your header, you go in the sinbin, I assume. Venus de Milo is out of the question. That 70s image of the tennis player scratching her arse is likely to get you a knock on the door in the middle of the night. Michelangelo’s David will raise some hackles, I’m sure.

I’m not sure I see the point here. If I wanted I could go to any library or art gallery and find a great deal of buttocks, nipples, and genitals on public display or in books. Page 3 of any of the rattier redtops will have a lot of nipples on show. Last week the Sun had a competition where you had to work out if the bra-clad orbs were bums or boobs, and whether they were male or female.

The last pointless issue here is one of personal choice. If you see something you don’t like, nobody forces you to view it. Move on, as they say.