I am definitely going to upset a few people here, so if you’re of a religious bent, you may want to stop reading now. I’ll give you a minute or so. Dum dee dum dee dum dee dee…

Right, here we go. I’m an atheist, but have no problem at all with religion. I do have a problem with actions that are carried out in the name of the religion, and are clearly at variance with teachings. I also object to blind stupidity. A small minority of religious people appears to have had a logic bypass. You may not have noticed that there was a tornado in Oklahoma this week. One person died, there was a swathe of destruction.

Then the nutters came out of their storm shelters and started posting photographs. There was one of a broken power pylon, dangling from the wrecked power lines. It bore a passing resemblance to a crucifix, but was in reality just some wreckage precariously suspended from some other wreckage. But oh no. Some person of low intelligence posted this with the caption ‘God is with us.’ Doubtless the family of the dead person agree, and find it immensely reassuring. Later some other idiot posted a picture of a cloud formation. It happened to resemble a hand, but to the zealots it was the hand of god in the calm after the storm. Too bad he didn’t take it into his head to calm things down before the tornado killed some poor sucker.

Do a bit of poking about, and things get worse, if possible. In 2013, another tornado struck Oklahoma. A mother and baby were killed when their car was hurled off the road. They were thrown out, and died in full view of their family who were in the car behind. Seven schoolchildren died when their school flooded. That’s at least nine people dead. Up jump the godbotherers, who seemed to have had a compassion bypass at the same time as their logic operation. Some buffoon posted a photograph of some pages of the Bible which had been blown onto his car windscreen. He thought this was pretty cool, saying piously ‘My god delivers.’ Friends and relatives of the nine dead may take exception to his sentiments.

Somebody once said that thanking god for sparing you is like sending a thank you note to a mass murderer for killing the people next door.

Here endeth the lesson.