By a strange combination of circumstances, I have become aware of the website I have reached the conclusion it’s a very very elaborate spoof, but it’s been done with a great deal of dedication to the cause. It’s a riot.

What we have here, or so it appears, is a fictional bunch of barely sane religious rights with an obsession for sticking their noses into other people’s business. Nobody is safe from their sanctimony and paranoia, their absolute conviction of their own righteousness. It’s horribly believable even if it’s a hoax.

One of the most recent ravings concerned the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. According to this lot, the letters ‘B’ and ‘O’ in Ebola stand for Barack Obama. The rest of the name is up for discussion, but anyway the disease itself was created in the CDC, and there’s a cure that was also developed there, but it’s being sat on by the powers that be for reasons that are not clearly defined. It’s odd that the term Ebola fever for this particular vile scourge dates back to 1976 when the first outbreak occurred in the Ebola Valley in what was then Zaire. Christwire seem unable to do their homework. Shame really. I do love a good conspiracy theory, and this one has been doing the rounds in various guises for a good long time. It does however enable a good hard poke at the Obama haters.

There’s a very funny article about a walking catfish. This is such an abomination that the author suggests a special trip out for a catfish fry to make sure that non-Creationists can’t use it as a valid example of the processes of evolution. It’s a shame this one got a bit overblown in the writing, since some of the impact is lost in the idiocy.

As you might expect, these drivelling if fictional loonies are extremely perturbed by the thought of homosexuality, which is bringing about the downfall of civilisation. Human homosexual practices are spreading to other animals as evidenced by a photograph of a rather startled looking buck rabbit. By the way, did you know that cat ownership is a cunning homosexual ploy to destroy the USA? I didn’t have a clue about that one, until the indefatigable Pastor Jack Gould set me straight.

The site is still clearly under construction, so not all the links work, but the bits that are up and running are often rib-achingly funny. I highly recommend it.