I do not often swear here. I am moved to on this occasion. A lot. I do mean a lot. Be warned. I am going to swear a fucking lot. Here we go.

I am really fucking annoyed here. This story absolutely fucking sucks. Place yourself in the Anfield football ground. I don’t get football, but I do get the idea of interclub rivalry. OK? I get it. But the world went nuts. Two Moslems, who happen to be Liverpool fans, were caught on camera praying at the time their religion requires. In the Anfield stadium. I have to admire their sheer bollocks in such a secular place. But they were there to watch their team, and it just so happened it was time to pray. They got on with it.

Twitter lit up like a fucking lighting rig at a Pink Floyd gig. Apparently this was a ‘fucking disgrace.’ ‘How dare they?’ was the fucking stupid question.

Well I seem to recall that at the RFU games at Twickers, ‘Abide with me’ is standard fare. I also recall Dubya and Blair praying together just before killing an awful lot of Iraqis for no real reason. Just what the fuck were they praying for?

So you can’t be a Moslem and be a sport fan? Shit, I’ve met Moslems, Christians, Buddhists, you name it, all over the fucking world, who are Manchester United fans. They like the game, an appreciation that escapes me, but they just like the game.

Oh fuck of you morons. Just fuck off.

I did say I’d be uncharacteristically sweary.