It’s probably come to your attention there was a pretty substantial earthquake in Nepal over the weekend. Estimates of the death toll are currently 2500, and rising.

You’d never guess this from the British media unless you look hard at the small print. The Mail tells us that 63 Britons are missing. The Times leads with ‘hundreds of climbers’ stuck on Everest. The Express  and the Sun led with stories about the race to save British survivors at the Everest Base Camp. Even the i fell into the trap, with a story about a British couple who survived.

So let’s ignore the thousands of dead locals, the hundreds of thousands who are on the streets because of the danger of aftershocks and further building damage. Let’s ignore the fact that the economy, shaky at the best of times, is now royally screwed since you can forget the income from tourism that just about keeps things propped up. A British couple survived unhurt, so all’s well with the world.

Stop Press. Estimates now at 3800. Suddenly seven UK climbers don’t sound that significant.