Just a quick post today, since strictly it’s maid’s day off since it’s a Bank Holiday in the UK. However, I feel I simply must comment on the Duchess of Cambridge giving birth to a daughter.

I’m not that bothered to be honest. The daughter will be fourth in line to the throne, though that will change when brother George starts creating heirs, so really she’s not that important. I’m glad for the parents that she’s got two of everything she should have, and is healthy, but that’s where my interest wanes.

Not so for the Daily Mail of course. They really went to town in their Sunday edition. The first 15 pages were dedicated entirely to the glad tidings. There was also, as I had predicted, a 20 page souvenir pullout. They found it hard to fill all that space with pictures of the new child, since only about two exist, so they padded things out with some shots of George. Thirty five pages about a baby being born. It happens a lot, which is why there about eight billion of us.

The girl is yet to be named. I reckon I’ll get good odds at the bookmakers on Tyneesha. Or Chantelle. Trixiebelle would pay out good odds too. I’m not putting any money on Beryl, though, since even I can see that’s not going to run.