I think I may have mentioned before that John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, comes under vicious attack from the Tories and their favoured newspapers that are in thrall to Rupert Murdoch. The Tories hate him for ‘Labour bias.’ What that means is they object to him keeping them in check. His task is to stop MPs baying like hounds after blood, and make them behave like adults not playground bullies. He’s rather good at it to be honest. He keeps them all in line, whatever their political hue.

The Tories used Michael Gove, as Chief Whip (having been sacked as Secretary for Education, so clearly a loser) to try to get Bercow slung out of his post. It all backfired when nobody listened to him, not even his backbenchers.

Murdoch’s rabid attack dogs have been back in action. Why Rupe thinks his opinions should count is anybody’s guess, but that is how it is. He has deep pockets. I rest my case. Anyway, it turns out that the Honourable Mr Bercow’s wife, Sally, has been playing away from home. With her husband’s cousin, Alan. In typical fashion, the Mail made a page 2 and 3 doubleheader of this on Sunday, when the news broke. Why it’s so vital to the country that the Bercow’s laundry should be washed in public I do not know. Clearly the Mail does though. It’s a matter of national importance.

Then they really turned it up to 11 today (Monday.) They dredged up that Sally Bercow was guilty of doing a striptease with a sheet, had snogged a couple of lesser known DJs, and now is guilty of the heinous crime of putting herself about a bit. They claim this is further proof that he really should resign. He’s not fit for purpose, effectively. What?

He’s good at his job, even if Murdoch does not like it. A stormy marriage is no crime. Nor is adultery by another person, ie your wife. It’s sad and unfortunate, but no reason to walk. Even if he had been shown to be a philanderer, so what? It’s not a crime. If it were, half the MPs in Westminster, and a bloody huge swathe of journalists, would be out of jobs. Even John Major put himself about with Edwina Curry. Fair play to him, I say.

Bercow is a man of some standing. Just because his wife has been shagging around, there is no reason at all for personal attacks on his talents or abilities.