Some bits and pieces. None is big enough to warrant a whole post on its lonesome.

Smokers are 60% less likely to vote than non-smokers. I was dubious, but this was the finding from a decent sample size of 11,600 people. Apparently smokers feel they are marginalised by anti-smoking governments, and resent tobacco taxes and smoking bans. Since they’re also a bit rebellious, they withhold their votes in protest. I do hope they don’t moan about their government later. Don’t vote, don’t complain.

Latest ‘must have’ for the glitterati are vitadrips. They think it’s dead cool to have an intravenous infusion of vitamins once a month. Declared benefits apparently include: curing hangovers, an admirable aim; detoxing, which is plainly spurious; and helping to boost collagen levels. All I can see being boosted are the bank balances of the charlatans who offer their services to a load of gullible people with more money than common sense. Cara Delevigne, for example.

Apparently, the artist Grayson Perry, whose work I rather like in a sort of ‘Oh, that’s not bad’ sort of way, refuses to have a microwave oven in the house. He freely admits this is a decision based purely on his own snobbery. The revelation comes hot on the heels of the story about the aristocrat who refuses to have tomatoes in the house because they’re ‘common.’ The truth of this story is under scrutiny.

One of the redtops is up in arms about the German medic who recommends that we should squat not sit when we defaecate. Rod Liddle, notorious scourge of anything he regards as loonyism, launched off into a hilarious (not) extrapolation about new EU directives, German poo police peering under toilet doors… He conveniently (Haha. Did you see what I did there?) forgets the fact that this is something first advocated by one of my heroes, the late  Denis Burkitt. Very entertaining company.

Just to show that not all the idiots in the world reside in the US, I give you this. Some nutjob lesbian feminist has been making waves on Twitter. I’ve no problem at all with lesbian feminists. I do have a problem with this woman, though, since she uses the hashtag #killallwhitemen. She’s a ‘diversity officer’ at Goldsmiths University in London, Ms Bahar Mustafa, and claims the hashtag is a joke. She may not find it too funny if somebody starts #killallfeminists. To encourage diversity she recently banned men from a meeting. She then tried to ban clapping, since this is too male and causes stress, and wanted people simply to wave their hands silently. She really did not think things through. There was an outcry from blind attendees, and the decision was reversed. As of last night, Ms Mustafa’s job is on the line. Good.

Two amateur footballers got into a bit of a ruck. When one’s mum ran onto the pitch to break it up, the other player headbutted her.

Some guy walked free from court yesterday having  admitted to drowning his neighbours’ dog because he couldn’t stand it yapping nonstop. He did get a hefty fine and a suspended sentence. He’s also been suspended by Flybe, for whom he works as a pilot. This seems a bit unfair to me. It’s not as if he turned up to fly pissed and off his head on coke.