There’s a disturbing trend on various social media platforms right now. More and more women are posting brelfies. For those not in the know a breflie is a selfie of a woman breastfeeding.

I’m all in favour of breastfeeding and I can’t see why so many people make such a fuss when women do it in public. I thought it was the height of stupidity when Victoria’s Secret stopped a woman breastfeeding in one of their stores. But brelfies may be not a good idea.

Apparently the relentless rise of the brelfie is leading non-breastfeeders to feel under pressure (or bressure as some wag called it.) Women who can’t breastfeed, let alone those who choose not to for whatever reason, are being made to feel guilty of some unspecified crime, as if they are somehow less of a mother than somebody who can and does breastfeed. That’s not very helpful is it?

This is another example of women inadvertently (or possibly intentionally) beating up on other women. ‘You’re not a proper mum, are you? I am. Nar nar na nar nar.’ I imagine that a woman who can’t breastfeed probably feels pretty bad about things already, without the boob police sneering at her. And I reckon a woman who chooses not to suckle her offspring should just be left alone. In the UK, the Department of Health strongly advocates breastfeeding, but to choose not to is no indicator of poor mothering skills, is it?

Plus we have the aspect that, really, it’s nobody else’s business. If the child is loved and cherished, the mum is doing a good job. So lay off with the guilt thing, eh? Men get a lot of stick for criticising or belittling women, but the sisters can do a pretty good job of work themselves.