Hard for me to believe this is two years old


Back in the days when dinosaurs weren’t invented, I did a fair bit of organising scientific and medical conferences. They’re dammed hard work, because keeping a load of boffins and quacks under control is a bit like herding cats. They’re worse than children, honestly they are.

The most taxing was one I had to organise at arm’s length. Arms’ width, actually. My client was in New York, and the venue was in Florence.

Firstly there was the problem of time differences. New York is five hours behind London (chronologically but a lot more culturally) and Florence is one hour ahead. Six hours in all, with bollockbrain me in the middle. NY typically starts work at 7:00 AM, which is 1:00 PM in Firenze. Thus the client began work while the venue was in the middle of the mandatory three hour lunch.

Secondly, and I mean this with no real disrespect…

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