Somebody somehow stumbled upon this old post today, and I thought it might make some easy Sunday reading while the maid takes her day off.


A little while ago I posted a blog about ‘What’s in a name?’ I came to the conclusion, one that seemed to be pretty widely accepted, that the answer is ‘Quite a lot.’ Names tend to shape who we are, or they shape what people expect us to be.

I was reminded of this in the early hours of this morning when for no particular reason Cecil H. Bullivant sprang to mind. Now you could go places with a name like that, couldn’t you? The world is pretty much your bivalve mollusc. What’s going to stop you? Nothing’s going to get in your way.

You could be a huckster, a highly successful one, in a film starring WC Fields. ‘MmmMmmmm. Cecil H. Bullivant at your service, ma’am. MmmMmmmm.’ Or perhaps you’re an English toff. A man about town, a social gadfly. A bon viveur certainly. A gourmand, a oenophile. Extremely…

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