Even though it’s maid’s day off, I found this from two years ago today and felt a reblog might be in order.


Another minor discourse about the idiosyncrasies of labelling and signage.

First out of the hat. Electronic indicator board at a bus stop I walked past this morning.

‘System under test.’ Well, bully for it, and I do hope it’s bearing up under the strain. Is it asking too much for the powers that be to test the system by transmitting useful information in real time. Such as ‘Service due in 14 minutes.’ That might be a good test, don’t you think? Or is it just me being unreasonable? I might be. I wasn’t waiting for a bus. But I had been, I’d want a bit more information.

I like this one. It’s off a bottle of ‘Sicilian’ red wine in the Co-Op. It says ‘Indicazione geografia tipica.’ My Italian isn’t too hot, but even I can translate this. ‘It comes from round about Sicily.’ This is confirmed by…

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