Just a quickie today. I’m not feeling too well and may have to ret hurt in a bit. This  recently seen bit of bollocks didn’t raise my spirits one jot or tittle. It’s a sign outside the office of a firm of accountants. Accountants may be the dullest people on earth, after actuaries, but you do expect them to behave with some linguistic decorum, or at least I do. My expectations have been dashed, alas.

The proactive accountants working for the best for you and your business

Just what is that bit of twaddle supposed to mean? They must all have been pissed off their heads when they spawned this balderdash. Too long a lunch, I’d say. Let’s start at the top and work down, shall we?

I loath the word proactive. It really raises my hackles. It’s meaningless. If you’re doing something you’re actively doing something, and not simply reacting. Reacting is the opposite of acting. Proactive is one of those marketing/organisational buzzwords that really should not appear even on a PowerPoint presentation from some poor sod in the paperclip procurement department of a multinational corporation, let alone on an advertising plaque. It also has to be said that it’s hard to imagine such a bunch of dullards as accountants being active in any way, shape, or form.

Working for the best for you and your company. Surely that’s a given? You’re never going to say, ‘Doing our best to make sure the banks and HMRC f*** you over’ are you? This is akin to those signs that say Quality (enter name of product here.) Nobody in their right minds would say Really crap anything would they, so again the quality is a given. Pointless drivel.

Right. That’s my spleen vented for the timebeing.