Boris Johnson, the buffoonish but immensely likeable MP and Mayor of London, got in a spot of bother this week. He was filmed having an altercation with a cab driver. Driver of said black cab was annoyed that Boz isn’t doing enough to help proper cab drivers who are struggling with the rise of Uber cabs.

Anyway, Boz was cycling home the other night, and the cabbie ‘made a hand gesture,’ and yelled ‘You’re one of those, you are!’ The press were a bit po faced about exactly what the gesture was, but I think we can safely assume it was a reference to Mr Johnson’s alleged onanism.

Our feisty cyclist wasn’t taking that crap. ‘Why don’t you fuck off and die?’ He then spoiled things a bit by overegging the pudding and losing the logic. ‘Just fuck off and die.’ So far so good. ‘Not necessarily in that order.’ Yes, the logic was a bit shaky, but the sense was clear.

Some of the more mealy-mouthed commentators went all harrumphy, saying Boz’s behaviour was a disgrace, what sort of example is that to set. I’m on Boris’s side here. I’ve often wanted to tell drivers of black cabs to fuck off, when I’ve had to endure an entire journey’s worth of racism and football. The cabbie also missed the point that Uber has become a success for the very reason the cabbies are under pressure. They’re about half the price of a black cab.

I have a lot of admiration for the technical skills of black cabbies, and the three year ‘Knowledge’ they have to undertake is quite an achievement. But if you call somebody a wanker then you have to expect some return fire, don’t you? It’s not as if it was unprovoked, unlike Andrew Mitchell’s referring to a policeman as a ‘fucking pleb.’ That was just ignorance and snobbery, and he rightly lost between two and three million quid in costs, his job as Chief Whip, and his seat in Parliament. Quite an expensive use of the language.

Anyway, good for Boris.