Cameron and his bunch of toff bullyboys have come up with a genius plan. They want to be seen to be tough on immigration, so have decided that anybody coming to this country to work can only stay longer than six years if they earn more than £35,000 a year.

This is unfortunate for the NHS. Cameron’s hoorays have systematically reduced funding for nurse training in the UK, so the NHS relies heavily on agency nursing staff, many of whom come from abroad. As you’re all probably aware, not many nurses earn that amount, and certainly not after a mere six years of service. Cameron’s cronies recently awarded themselves an 11% pay rise. NHS pay rises this year were between 0 and 1%. The chances of hitting 35 grand then become vanishingly small. As a result a bunch of highly trained, dedicated individuals will get chucked out, putting even more strain on existing resources. Years of experience, which the NHS funded, will be lost. There may even be a bit of an exodus to the private sector, where the pay tends to be better, and the NHS gets privatised by stealth. Good thinking, CallMeDave.

On a different topic. I think I have made my views clear on the odious rise of the selfie. This term is in fact a contraction of ‘self indulgent.’ Then some lunatic invented the selfie stick, and I despaired. Things have got worse. You can now buy a selfie drone. Yes, all the fun (?) of a drone,  and you can take video selfies of yourself and your loved ones doing whatever it is you do to fill your days in a meaningful fashion. I sincerely hope this is a hoax, but I’m pretty certain it isn’t. Have a look at the link, see what you think.

By the way, at Stonehenge on Sunday, nobody saw the sunrise. They were all too busy with their smartphones. Which leads me to ask, what’s so smart about them when they appear to reduce people’s IQs by about 15 points?