Mark Zuckerberg seems to have lost his, that’s for sure. Yes, he’s the genius behind Facebook, and this in itself tells us something about his lack of common sense. I imagine the 1.4 billion users may disagree with me there, but hey. What the hell.

Anyway, the idiot savant has been waxing lyrical this week on the subject of telepathy. ‘One day, I believe we’ll be able to send full, rich thoughts to each other directly using technology.’

This is absolute tripe, and he should be vilified and humiliated for such a ridiculous idea. Since scientists have no idea how we think, this is a non-starter. But it runs deeper than that. Just what are ‘full, rich thoughts’ eh?

We don’t have full rich thoughts. We have a huge jumble of stuff going on. You’ll know this if you’ve ever been having a deep and meaningful conversation while at the same time wondering what colour to paint your bedroom, what you’re going to eat for dinner, worrying about that ill advised email you sent, and realising that you actually rather fancy the person you’re talking to. That last thought really isn’t something you want to have read if you’re both married but not to each other.

Mark Dimmerberg has his head up his arse here. Nobody wants their thoughts to be read. We just don’t. He claims we’d be able to control what others could read, but just how would that work? Jeepers, hackers can get your bank details off your computer, but they wouldn’t need to bother, would they?

On another note, the UK government is in a bit of a spot. After a £20M, three year enquiry into how best to increase capacity at airports near London, Sir Howard Davies has fudged things. He reckons a third runway at Heathrow is the best option, but then goes on to say that a second runway at Gatwick was a viable option. Very helpful. But CallMeDave has a problem on his hands here, because at least five of his Cabinet members oppose Heathrow, as does Boz Johnson MP, mayor of London, and possible contended for the Tory leadership. Oh, and back in 2009,CMD declared that the third runway at Heathrow wouldn’t happen, ‘no ifs, no buts.’ That may just come back to bite him in the bum.

I nearly forgot. One of the aims of the expansion anywhere is to reduce the congestion in British airspace. By increasing capacity. Work that out if you can, and do let me know, because to me it sounds like babbling from the sickbed.