One of the places of refreshment I sometimes frequent employs a stunningly pretty female. Beautiful red hair (dyed I suspect, but who cares?), great skin, nice eyes. Not my preferred build, but she has a great personality, very funny, in olden days she might have been called vivacious. Good at her job. Very very good at her job. A natural.

It just so happens she’s a lesbian. Hey ho. So what? Not a big deal, is it? It’s not, is it? Never was, but now they don’t get burned at the stake. We are in the 21st century, and even Tennessee has had to acknowledge same sex relationships.

I have a very unreconstructed acquaintance. He thinks it’s a ‘waste,’ as is her rather striking girlfriend. He thinks that’s a waste too. I took issue. Yes, I did. I know it’s not like me, but I did.

‘A waste?’

‘Yeah. Just look at her.’

‘She doesn’t think it’s a waste.’

‘Well, no, but it is.’

‘She doesn’t think of it as a waste. Nor does her girlfriend. Her parents are happy too. So what the hell is it to do with you? Jealous? Too bad. It won’t change, you  can lust all you like, but she has a girlfriend, and nothing you can do will change that. Cos you’re a bloke you think you can dictate how women should look at the world? Get real.’