I’m generally a big fan of neologisms. They enrich the language. Imagine a world with no dweebs, no geeks, no glitches, no dorks, no gremlins, no bluescreen of death. We use these terms all the time, and our world is better for them.

One neologism pisses me off though. Very badly. XTreme

This is intended to imply huge danger. It doesn’t entail much danger at all. The bikers/BMXers/skaters/skateboarders/parkour freerunners/snowboarders/Monster truck drivers. They’ve done it a zillion times  before to ensure they do not make idiots of themselves in front of a bloody big audience. At that point, it’s not extreme at all. It’s clever, but not extreme.

Let us now turn to the spelling. XTreme. These days any event featuring mildly risky behaviour is now advertised as EXTREME. It may not even feature the word. There may simply be a big X. That gets my goat too. Spell it out for goodness sake.