This week in Florida, the state legislature ordered a rethink on recent county boundary changes that unduly favoured the Republicans. Good on the state is all I can say. I wish the bloody Tories had the same attitude.

The Toffs want to change the constituency boundaries in the UK so we only have 600 MPs instead of the current 643. That of course means that some poor buggers will lose their jobs, so they’ll at least find out what it feels like for the rest of us other poor buggers. Now, you might expect that the changes would most affect the majority party. They hold the most seats, so should bear the brunt of the losses, logically.

Well blow me down! Stap me vitals! This isn’t going to happen. The Toffs are engineering it so they lose 20 constituencies, Labour lose 19, and the Lib Dems lose four of their meagre eight. Doubtless Cameron and his cronies think this is equitable, but I don’t. With a bit of clever footwork, the Posh Party can effectively take away the possibility of ever being elected out of power. We’ll have them to stay. That’s not a democracy, is it?

I also assume CallMeDave will use this as an opportunity to cull some of his more rebellious MPs, so there again he and his moneyed pals can get things through Parliament with no opposition from their own side.

While we’re on the subject of the Toffs, CallMeDave has an ace up his sleeve for fixing the In/Out referendum in 2017 to determine if we stay in the EU. He’s going to demand a return to the opt out from the EU employment laws. The Times states, somewhat boldly, that this opt out was ‘abandoned’ by the Blair government. Anyway, the upshot is that current restrictions on working hours (unless employees themselves choose to opt out of them) will be binned. Employers will be able to say, ‘Work 70 hours a week or you don’t have a job.’

I bet the CBI are dancing in the streets about this possibility. They’re a bit cross about the minimum wage (not a Living Wage, that’s just a cynical rebranding exercise) and reductions in tax credits, which mean they have to pay more instead of being effectively sponsored by the taxpayer. Except they won’t pay more, so lots of people will slide further into poverty. But if they have free control over working hours, they can recoup any losses they perceive they’re going to make. Fat city. Or rather Fatcat City.