The world of UK politics is full of people I’d choose not to have as friends or acquaintances, or even just meet at random. These people cross the political spectrum. I’m not partisan in my dislike.

However, the most odious, the most loathsome, the most simply objectionable by a bloody long chalk is Iain Duncan Smith. I hate his insufferably smug smile, his well fed face that I have to pay for, his sneering attitude to those less well off than he and the rest of the hideous bunch of Toffs currently in command of, and dismantling, this country.

Here’s IDS and his latest idea. We should all save to pay for when and if we get ill.

Not bad as a concept. Except there’s a problem. We already do save for our ill health. It’s called National Insurance. That’s the deal. We cough up, and if it all goes wrong then we have money to call on. That’s why it’s called insurance.

Now the slimy little tick is saying we need to do this for ourselves. I paid NI for 43 years, and now apparently I didn’t save any money, so it’s my fault if I have to live on bread and water. I saved the cash. With the bloody government of my bloody country. Now Odious wants to renege on the deal I signed up for.

Aneurin Bevan may have to come back from the dead to sort out this complete prick.