Well, well, well. Baron John Sewel, Lord Sewel as he is known, has been a bit of a bad lad. This might not matter too much were he not a deputy speaker of the House of Lords, and head of its privileges and conduct committee. He was, at any rate, but resigned. Under new rules he can also resign from the House, but I suspect the 80 odd grand a year plus expenses and generous attendance allowance (is it 300 quid a day or something like that, just for signing in?) may prove an incentive to sit tight.

What’s he done? Those of you who don’t live in the UK may never have heard of his sins. He was filmed allegedly cavorting with a couple of hookers, and snorting coke. Some of the charlie he snorted off one of the hooker’s breasts. He then appears to suggest that they send out for a third, Asian woman.

This is a guy who is 69 years old. I have to say he went up in my estimation when I found that out. Sex’n’drugs’rock’n’roll at that age gives us all hope, don’t you think? No slippers and a nice mug of cocoa for Johnnyboy, no sir. PAAAARRRRRTYYYYY! Yes, if he wants to wear a hooker’s orange bra and her leather jacket, smoke a spliff, and hoover up a couple of snootfuls of Colombian marching powder then nobody’s going to stop him. Yowser!

You have to admire his nerve too. He paid one of the women in cash, but wrote a personal cheque to the other. She must be very trusting. Or stupid.

He can’t be sacked from the Lords, so it’s hard to see what might happen to him purely on the grounds of taking drugs and cavorting with hookers. I suspect half the Commons would be out on their ear if those were the sole problems. The thing that will truly nail him? He accused CallMeDave of being superficial and facile. They’ll probably never find his body.